In searching for original ingredients for Health Thru Nutrition products, we look for not only those ingredients of the highest quality, but also those scientifically substantiated as beneficial to our bodies. 

We utilize a scientific advisory council, composed of industry experts and medical professionals, to research current and credible clinical evidence searching for unique product sources, superior delivery methods, higher bioavailability and concentration, along with greater absorptive properties, in order to provide you with a highly effective finished product targeting specific underlying conditions and deficiencies.  

Selected ingredients are required to be free of major allergens and other potentially harmful substances, free of GMOs, residual solvents, and preservatives, and must be manufactured in a cGMP certified facility.  

Furthermore, our products undergo strict testing to qualify purity and stability to ensure consumers’ greatest satisfaction and above all else, safety.

True to our mission, Health Thru Nutrition has selected partners whom share our belief that dietary supplement ingredients should have extraordinarily detailed quality requirements. Our plant based ingredient supplier, CAS Biosciences created PhytoSure for exactly that reason. 

PhytoSure certification is the 100% assurance that the supplied ingredient exceeds all requirements for plant species, part, standardization, declarations, specifications and traceability to name a few. PhytoSure also assures that every ingredient meets the guarantee of NO carriers, NO fillers, NO additives, and NO adulterants.

All reputable dietary ingredient suppliers strive to innovate though research. We believe that is simply not enough and that is why we partner with companies like Arjuna Naturals. 

Arjuna believes in harnessing the power of Mother Nature through the guiding principles of Science; overcoming hurdles like poor bioavailability (BCM-95 has an 7x higher absorption rate then standard curcumin), optimization of actives, (like nitrates in Oxystorm) or the elimination of less desirable constituents (like B-boswellic acid in BosPure) – all without resorting to aggressive dilutions or disruptive chemical over-processing all too common in the dietary ingredient supply chain. 

Nascent Health Sciences; the largest manufacturern the world of the all natural sweetener Stevia has been one of our closest partners in providing cutting edge technology on the ingredient side; higlighted by the incredible micro-nutrient Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, commonly known as PQQ. 

This still novel ingredient’s list of beneficial functional support grows every day as Nascent and Health Thru Nutrition continue to fund clinical trials all over the world. From cardiovascular to cognitive to endothelial, the positive effects of PQQ supplementation extends further and further through more research.



From the life changing inflammtion reduction in our Freedom Softgels trial at UCLA to the endothelial and endurance boost in our CelluRex study, HTN believes our supplements are only as good as the data shows them to be. That’s why we (and our ingredient partners) establish relationships at Universities and Hospitals across the world to test the efficacy and safety of our products.

The ultimate skeptics, we can only stand behind our products when facts and science based evidence prove to us that they work the way we expect them to, with the safety, quality, and integrity we demand.