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L-Leucine Powder 300g Jar

L-Leucine Powder 300g Jar

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• Vegan Certified & Non-GMO.

• Promotes Muscle Growth & Recovery.

• Made by Fermentation for Purity.

Health Thru Nutrition's L-Leucine Powder is a premium quality dietary supplement designed to support muscle growth, recovery, and endurance. Our L-Leucine powder is vegan certified by The Vegan Society and non-GMO, and it is made by fermentation to ensure the highest quality and purity. Each container provides 60 servings of 5 grams each, making it easy to get the recommended daily dose of this BCAA.

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How to Use?

Directions: Healthy Adults: Mix one (1) level scoop with your favorite beverage (shake, smoothie) and blend well, or as recommended by your health care professional.

More Info

Introducing Health Thru Nutrition's L-Leucine BCAA Powder - the perfect supplement to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Our L-Leucine BCAA Powder is a concentrated source of L-Leucine that is made by fermentation, making it a vegan and non-GMO option for those who care about their health and the environment. Each serving of 5 grams provides a consistent dose of L-Leucine, and the 300-gram container provides 60 servings in total.

Our L-Leucine BCAA Powder is Vegan Certified by The Vegan Society, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for vegan products. With no artificial ingredients, you can trust that our product is safe and effective for your fitness journey.

This L-Leucine BCAA Powder is perfect for those looking to increase muscle growth and recovery. As always, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplements.

Order Health Thru Nutrition's L-Leucine BCAA Powder today and take the first step towards a healthier and fitter you!

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: None. Supplement Facts


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Health Thru Nutrition (HTN) began developing nutritional supplements several decades ago with a simple mission: to Empower People to Live Healthier, More Informed Lives. We strive to meet this mission every day by providing clinically validated and superior quality nutrition products, while serving as a trusted source of nutrition information. Our core values of Safety, Integrity, Transparency, and Quality along with our innovative staff of clinicians, pharmacists, and industry leaders help guide us in providing the most effective health-span solutions for our customers.